CCMF is pleased to announce the recipient of its fifth annual Wes McClure Scholarship: Connie Huynh of Stanford!

“We received more applications than ever for this year’s scholarship,” said Sean Quinn, acting administrator for the CCMF scholarship. “The selection process was difficult, as always, due to the impressive credentials and heartfelt essays of all those who applied.”

Connie recently graduated from Stanford University with a Bachelor of Arts in Public Policy in hopes of pursuing a career as a city manager. Thanks to a unique opportunity, she was able to start Stanford’s Master in Public Policy program her junior year and is on track to finish this degree by Spring of 2016. She is spending this summer interning with Leslie Desse, City Manager of National City, California. Next year, Connie’s ‘capstone project’ will involve working with the City of San Jose and analyzing their Community Service Officer program.

Wes McClure, for whom the scholarship was named, worked as city manager of San Leandro for 28 years. He passed away at the age of 94 on December 20, 2009. Wes had many outstanding attributes, including an unparalleled ability to listen. His patience and skill in this regard contributed enormously to his successful career working with city councils and impacted CCMF directly during the formation of the foundation, in which Wes played an integral part. The award was created in honor of Wes’s outstanding and significant contributions to the City Managers’ Department, League of California Cities, the State of California, and the city management profession.

“Industrious and ambitious young men and women, like Connie, represent the future of city management in California,” said CCMF President Wade McKinney. “We are honored to support Connie’s education, and we look forward to calling her a CCMF member one day.”

From all of us here at CCMF, congratulations to Connie and we wish you luck in your studies.