Cal-ICMA Offers Tips for Partners of Retiring Managers

The Cal-ICMA Senior Manager/Encore Manager Committee has just released a new paper entitled “Attention: Partners for Retiring Managers! Tips to Navigate the Transition Together.”

The paper is based on a number of interviews of partners and several teenage or adult children of managers who have already retired from full-time local government careers. The partners and children were asked:

  • How did you deal with the transition when the Manager in the family retires from a full-time local government career and moves into his or her next life phase?
  • What are the positive opportunities and not-so-positive struggles?
  • What tips do you have for other families who may now face similar adjustments?

The key take-away from all the informants was that the transition was a big adjustment, not only for the retiree but also for the partner and any children still in the household. Those partners interviewed suggested that one of the big opportunities was the opportunity to reconnect as a couple.

Click/tap here to download the paper and read the ten tips identified to help partners navigate the transition.

The paper will be discussed as a key resource at the upcoming “Encore Opportunities” Round Table Discussion hosted by Cal-ICMA on Friday, February 2, 2018, at the conclusion of the League of California Cities City Managers Department Conference in Newport Beach.

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