City Managers Conference Panel – “Defending Institutions: Promoting Civic Debate and Rejecting Personal Attacks”

In 2020, a protest outside the home of Sacramento City Manager Howard Chan threatened the very institution of democracy, moving the public debate forum from its rightful place in Council Chambers and the ballot box to the personal domicile of a civic leader. When events like this happen, how can city leaders and administrators protect themselves and their families while fostering greater community trust? Do existing channels for public debate suffice, or are more outlets needed to make the public feel heard – particularly in the age of digitization?

  • Presiding:
    • Ken Striplin, City Manager, City of Santa Clarita
  • Speakers:
    • Pam Antil, City Manager, City of Encinitas
    • Howard Chan, City Manager, City of Sacramento
    • Troy Brown, City Manager, City of Moorpark


Feb 03 2022


Monterey, CA
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