Harvard Leadership Program Scholarship

Harvard Leadership ProgramEach year, CCMF offers up to three (3) $5,000 scholarships to active CCMF members accepted to the “Leadership Decision Making: Optimizing Organizational Performance” program at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Executive Education.

Leadership Decision Making teaches leaders like you how to answer tough questions, improve the accuracy of your estimates, and structure effective negotiations. Moreover, it teaches you how to design better decision environments—ones that reduce bias and inaccuracy—making your organization smarter.

As city managers, we make decisions every day. It is a rare opportunity to step away from the daily pressures and expectations and examine how we personally operate. The program provided an opportunity to learn new concepts and put into practice those concepts with a diverse group of professionals from around the world.
Ken Striplin, City Manager, Santa Clarita

STEP 1: Apply to the Harvard program

Upcoming Program Sessions:

    • September 8 – 13, 2019 – Apply for the program by July 8, 2019. Scholarship application deadline will be August 8, 2019.
    • February 23 – 28, 2020 – Apply for the program by December 23, 2019. Scholarship application deadline will be January 23, 2020.

Program Fee: $8,800, which includes tuition, housing, curricular materials, and most meals. Please visit https://hks.harvard.edu for full details about the course and to apply.

STEP 2: Apply for the CCMF scholarship

Once you receive confirmation of acceptance into the program, please email Ken Pulskamp at ken@cacitymanagers.org with:

  1. Your proof of acceptance
  2. Your up-to-date resume
  3. A brief cover letter on how you would leverage what you learn from the Harvard program

CCMF will then select a scholarship winner and inform all applicants. The scholarship winner will receive a $5,000.00 check to use toward the cost of attending the program.

Past winners:


David Wilson, Assistant City Manager of West Hollywood
Alex Terrazas, City Manager of Los Banos
Jim Schultz, City Manager of San Rafael


Kevin Kearney, City Manager of Bradbury
Kurt Wilson, City Manager of Stockton
Valerie Barone, City Manager of Concord


Ken Striplin, City Manager of Santa Clarita

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