Recent CCMF Testimonials

Frank OviedoFrank Oviedo, Assistant City Manager for City of Santa Clarita:

CCMF is my portal to the City Management profession. It’s always comforting to know that I’m an e-mail or a phone call away from an experienced manager who can help me navigate my career or a difficult organizational dilemma.


Kevin KearneyKevin Kearney, City Manager for City of Bradbury:

As a California city manager, I am faced with complexities every day that affect my residents, employees, and stakeholders. The California City Management Foundation has helped me alleviate these challenges by offering me mentorship, an executive education scholarship though Harvard University, and forums to connect with other city managers who are continuously generous with their time, support, and advice.

Eric FigueroaEric Figueroa, Assistant City Manager for City Of San Ramon:

CCMF is the only organization solely dedicated to the City Management Profession in California. With all the challenges faced by those of us who willingly serve the public in this crucial role, it is essential that we not only learn from one another, but that we have an organization who supports this unique role. With its professional resources, training, tools, and a one of a kind knowledge base, I can’t think of a more valuable annual expenditure than my CCMF membership.

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And, as always, if there is anything else CCMF can do to make your membership more valuable, please give us a call at 844-226-3411.

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