StifelStifel has a rich history that began before the turn of the century, when horse-drawn carriages crowded the streets and Benjamin Harrison was the nation’s President. In more than 125 years, operating from our corporate headquarters in St. Louis, Missouri, we have grown to be one of the nation’s premier financial service firms. We are large enough to be a significant factor in our industry, yet we are small enough that our clients receive a high level of service.

Looking back on 125 years of success, we recognize that our founding partners’ defining principle – to “safeguard the money of others as if it were your own” – is as important today as it was in 1890. Throughout the ups and downs of the market and amid a constantly changing industry, we’ve upheld the values of our heritage. And it’s these values that have helped us build Stifel into one of the nation’s premier wealth management and investment banking firms.

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