CCMF recently published two new Member Resources on organizational efficiency for both newer and seasoned city managers. Click here to download both of these new Member Resources (you will need to login to your account), which stem from a CCMF Panel at the 2016 League of California Cities City Managers Department Meeting titled “Efficiency in Cities: How to Build a Better Mousetrap.”

Covering Your Blind SideCovering Your “Blind Side”: How to Make Unseen Problems More Visible

This Member Resource by CCMF President Wade McKinney is an exploration of five specific actions you can take to help surface issues and challenges that stand in the way of organizational efficiency. Check out these firsthand tips and tricks so you can stay aware of potential operational problems within your agency and stay ahead of common efficiency obstacles.




Efficiency in Cities: How to Build a Better Mousetrap

This Member Resource is a comprehensive list of suggestions to help you promote four key kinds of efficiency within your agency: Personnel, Financial, Organizational, and Technological. This advice comes from the combined experiences of CCMF President Wade McKinney, CCMF Vice President Ken Striplin, and CCMF Executive Producer Ken Pulskamp.

Building a Better Mousetrap
We know many of you have similar insights, tips and tricks to share when it comes to running cities efficiently and we would love to hear from you! Which technologies/software/apps does your City Staff use to promote efficiency in the workplace, and why?

Email us with your insights and we will include them in an Appendix update to the “Efficiency in Cities: How to Build a Better Mousetrap” Member Resource.