2017-18 Board Members

Our 2017-18 Board of Trustees (Click to view full size)

CCMF hosted its largest event of the year in Newport Beach during the League of California Cities’ City Manager Department Meeting earlier this month. Guests enjoyed refreshments and appetizers on the tarmac while watching planes take off, and later savored a three-course meal in the midst of historical aircrafts, automobiles, and motorcycles. With 289 people in attendance, the Annual Member Dinner provided great opportunities to reconnect with old friends and make new ones in the expanding city management community.

During a special Awards Luncheon at the conference, CCMF President Wade McKinney presented awards to recognize two individuals for their contribution to the city management profession. The Outstanding Service Award was given to Meghan McKelvey for her dedication in supporting CCMF. “Without Meghan, there would be no CCMF. Her work on behalf of the League of California Cities has been essential to keeping the Foundation on track year after year. We cannot thank her enough for her hard work.”

The second award was presented to Greg Stepanicich, longtime CCMF Board Member and representative for CCMF Foundation Circle Sponsor Richards Watson Gershon. “Greg has been a steady presence on the CCMF Board for many years and I have come to rely on his input for challenges of all sizes. However, I am confident in Roxanne’s ability to keep up his level and quality of support for both the Board and the entire city management profession. Thank you, Greg, for many years of commitment.”

Prior to the conference, CCMF also recognized Bruce Channing during his retirement dinner. “Bruce has been a great friend to me and an amazing guidepost for the whole city management profession,” Wade stated. “It has been a joy to work with someone with such clear insights into local government and who is passionate about supporting his peers. CCMF wishes him the best on his retirement.”

Thank you to CCMF’s sponsors for making the event – and many other events, services, and resources – possible! Photos from the event can be viewed below. Please feel free to Tag yourselves on Facebook!