CCMF’s “Judy L. Kelsey Memorial Fund” award program began in Summer 2020. This new monetary award program funds summer internships in local government and is open to any California city or town.

About Judy Lyn Kelsey

Judy L. Kelsey was a longtime California city manager with a passion for uplifting others. She joined the Junior Statesmen of America (now the Junior State of America) in high school and acted as the team’s city manager during the program. After this experience, she was set on her career path toward the management profession. Judy attended the University of Southern California, graduating with a Master’s Degree in Public Administration. She then took on the mantle of City Manager in the cities of Eureka, Atherton, and Fountain Valley.

Kicking off her career, Judy interned in the City Manager’s Office in the City of San Dimas and in a grant program for the Los Angeles Police Department. She also later interned in Coventry, England and Hiddenburg, Germany. Judy saw great value in these experiences and wanted others to have the same opportunities. As a result, Judy donated part of her estate to set up this scholarship fund so individuals with a passion for local government could immerse themselves directly in the work.

About the Award Program

CCMF launched the Judy L. Kelsey Memorial Fund award program in Summer 2020. Each program year, CCMF will grant an award of five thousand dollars ($5,000) each to two (2) California cities/towns to enable summer internships: $5,000 will come from Judy’s estate, and CCMF will match another $5,000. NOTE: CCMF will reimburse a city at the culmination of the internship. 

About the Decision Process

A committee from the CCMF Board of Trustees will review applications and determine the two winners based on, but not limited to, these criteria:

  • Perceived socioeconomic need for an internship
  • Strength of short answer response, particularly the anticipated impact of the work
  • Applicant’s agreement to provide a report and proof of how funds were spent

How CCMF Will Distribute Awards

CCMF will distribute award funds to winners as reimbursement following completion of their internship program and submission of proof of award usage (see below). CCMF can provide the funds via check or wire transfer, depending on the winner’s preference.

Submitting Your Proof of Award Usage

Award winners will deliver an end-of-internship report summary to CCMF.

  • The report will highlight the work performed as a result of the internship.
  • The report will include a photo of the intern at work.
  • Award winners must also provide proof that the $5,000 award was directly used to fund the internship and not any other City services/programs or personnel.

Past winners:


City of Moorpark
City of Roseville


City of Avenal


City of Oceanside


City of Gustine
City of Petaluma