webpage headerIf you are facing a career transition and would like to ensure that your resumé is representing you well in the city management job market, you have come to the right place.

CCMF has reached out to local recruitment professionals to form an expert resumé review team, available free of charge, exclusively to CCMF members. It works like this:

  1. Contact one of the recruitment professionals listed below.
  2. Tell them that you are a CCMF member and that you would like to have your resumé reviewed.
  3. Send them your resumé and schedule a time for a phone call.
  4. They will take some time to look over your resumé.*
  5. Over the course of a brief (roughly 30 minute) phone call, they will share their expert opinion on how your resumé could better serve you in the job market.

The individuals listed here deal exclusively with California local governments. They have extensive experience helping individuals at all levels of their careers. Whether you are an Assistant City Manager making your first bid for a City Manager position, or a long-time professional looking to change cities, they will no doubt have some sound advice for you in your job search.

Recruitment Professionals

Listed in alphabetical order by last name.

Bill Avery

Bill Mathis

Bobbi Peckham

Gary Phillips


*Please keep in mind that these are busy professionals who are donating their time. If the recruiter you reached out to is unable to help in a timeframe that works for you, simply try someone else on the list.