The following information was updated in February 2024 and is all included in the official CCMF Press Kit (2 MB PDF file). For more information on any of the material found on our website, contact us.

CCMF Mission Statement:

The mission of the California City Management Foundation (CCMF) is to promote and encourage excellence in city management in all of California’s 480+ incorporated cities and towns.

Expanded Mission Statement:

Through our extensive peer network, we offer guidance, support and advice for City Managers in all stages of their careers. Working with the International City/County Management Association (ICMA), we help establish ethical standards in the industry. We sponsor luncheons and conferences, provide legal advice, and maintain a library of resources for our members. We do a lot of things, but above all, we foster a community of City Managers, both online and off.

There are five essential roles for CCMF to play in the lives of city managers:

  1. Celebrate individual city managers and our profession
  2. Support policies that make for successful, manageable and enduring cities
  3. Ensure the profession remains attractive to the best talent to ensure good city managers are available to cities
  4. Help current and future city managers advance their careers with education, training and career transition.
  5. Encourage and support managers through difficult times.

By focusing on these key areas, CCMF will have a sustainable mission in purpose in the years ahead and add value to our members’ lives.

The History of CCMF:

The California City Management Foundation is a 501c(3) and was founded in 1985. In the early 1990s, the organization created its first model employment contract, and established its Managers in Transition (MIT) program. By becoming a membership-based foundation in 1996, CCMF created a funding base with which to expand its efforts. In 2000, CCMF launched Shortly thereafter, Bill Garrett was hired as the organization’s first Executive Director.

Since then, CCMF has begun hosting the New & Future City Manager Seminar to help train and support new generations of City Managers. The Model Employment Contract has become the standard in the industry, the Manager In Transition (MIT) Program provides City Managers with a network of support during challenging times, and the Wes McClure Scholarship (established in 2011) gives funds annually to promising young leaders.

View a more detailed history of the California City Management Foundation.

 By the Numbers (as of Feb. 2024):


CCMF President
Ken Striplin

Ken Striplin has worked for the City of Santa Clarita since 1995, serving in a leadership capacity in every City department during his tenure and eventually becoming City Manager in 2012. Throughout his career, Striplin has played an integral role in the fiscal and organizational success of Santa Clarita. He worked with staff to develop a successful workforce development plan and an award-winning mentoring program, which was recognized by the League of California Cities with a Helen Putnam award. Striplin is the recipient of the John H. Nail Award from the League for his work as an outstanding assistant City Manager.

Ken Pulskamp

CCMF Executive Director
Ken Pulskamp

Ken Pulskamp stepped into the role of Executive Director for the California City Management Foundation on February 1 of 2014. Pulskamp has over 35 years of experience in local government administration, and worked as City Manager in Santa Clarita for 10 years.

Ken served as the President of the City Managers’ department for the League of California Cities in 2010. He was awarded the “City Manager Award for the Advancement of Diverse Communities” from the League of California Cities in 2007. In 2011, Ken won the inaugural Wes McClure award from the League, honoring a city manager for leadership, transparency and creativity.

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