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Take a second to search for your own name right now. What shows up on the first page of the search results? Whether you like it or not, these first few search results are, effectively, your online reputation. These are the first bits of information a city will find when they do a background check on you as part of the hiring process. Or what reporters and community members will find when they want to learn more about their city’s leader.

Whether stories are right or wrong, the City Manager community is all-too-aware of the damage that can be done to a professional reputation, thanks to the speed and power of the internet. Without a strong online presence, one small misstep or misunderstanding could lead to search results for your name full of content that is out of your control.

The best defense is a strong offense when it comes to your online reputation, which is why CCMF is offering (and partially subsidizing) an “Online Professional Toolkit” service. That way, when someone searches for your name, there is a better chance that your voice can be heard. And when you look good, our profession looks good.

CCMF is focused on the care and careers of city managers, and your online reputation is a key element of your success. This new service, exclusively for CCMF members, provides three options to create and control your own island in a sea of internet chaos:

Jump Start

This package is for those who either do not currently have or do not actively use a LinkedIn Profile, Twitter Account and/or Facebook Profile. (Instagram now an option as well) This package will help you get started on these major social media platforms.

Tune Up

This package is meant for intermediate social media users who need a professional review to ensure they are following best practices on LinkedIn, Twitter and/or Facebook. (Instagram now an option as well) In addition, Tripepi Smith will interview you in order to create positive content on two respected local government websites: CivicBusinessJournal.com and PublicCEO.com.

New Ride

This package is for CCMF members who are serious about protecting or repairing their online reputation. In addition to all the benefits of the Jump Start package and the Tune Up package, Tripepi Smith will create a personalized website/blog for you. The team will work with you to gather content that showcases your professional achievements. Your new website will be optimized for major search engines so they quickly include it in their search results for your name.

Jump Start Tune Up New Ride
LinkedIn Profile Build Out X X
Twitter Profile Build Out X X
Facebook Profile Build Out X X
LinkedIn Profile Optimization & Privacy Settings Review X X
Facebook Profile Optimization & Privacy Settings Review X X
Twitter Profile Optimization & Privacy Settings Review X X
Advertorial Placement on PublicCEO.com X X
CivicBusinessJournal.com Interview Article X X
Personal Website/Blog Setup And Content Insertion with SEO Basics X**
CCMF Member Price*  $850  $1100  $2,750***

* Price reflects CCMF Subsidy of $250, $300, $400 respectively.
** The website we design for you is built around a template approach. If you choose to implement customizations of your own other than the one we support and launch with, then Tripepi Smith is not responsible for any security, performance or operating issues with the site.
*** $2,750 does not include $330 annual Hosting Fee and $150 annual SSL Certification Fee. Any domain name purchase fees (approximately $30 per name, per year) will also apply.

Please fill out the form below to start your Online Professional Toolkit service, and the Tripepi Smith team will get in touch with you soon to follow-up. Or, email us at OPT@cacitymanagers.org or call us at 1-844-226-3411, ext. 4.

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