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Do I Qualify?2024-07-10T09:21:13-07:00

CCMF membership is available to all California city managers and assistant city managers, whether current or retired. In some cities and towns, these positions can sometimes have different titles such as town manager or CAO. CCMF does not have a specific list of titles that qualify an individual for membership, but rather looks at each application individually. If you are the first or second-ranking administrative manager in a city or town in California, we welcome you to join.

Senior assistants who have been designated by their city manager to be qualified for membership in the city managers department for the League of California Cities are also eligible for membership.

At this time, students are not eligible for membership.

If you are still unsure if you qualify for membership, go ahead and sign up for membership and someone will be in touch shortly to discuss the details of your application.

What are benefits?2024-07-10T09:21:58-07:00
  • Unlimited access to the members-only section of the CCMF website which includes the City Manager Model Employment Agreement, and a library of training materials focused on ethical standards and professional development for all city managers.
  • Member-only webinars on important topics such as compensation trends, retirement planning, healthcare and more.
  • Invitations to the annual Member Appreciation Dinner.
  • The CCMF weekly electronic newsletter, full of informative articles about, and of interest to, city managers.
  • Access to, and inclusion in, the CCMF peer network of city managers. Our searchable database lists hundreds of city managers available to give advice and support.
  • Assistance for city managers undergoing transitional periods in their careers, including legal advice, professional counseling and peer support.
  • A discount to the ever-popular CCMF Golf Tournament, an every-other-year opportunity to connect with fellow city managers.
What is the cost?2023-11-03T10:37:05-07:00
The Standard Membership fee remains at $400. Retired City Managers or those In Transition may purchase an annual individual membership for $150.
Can I pay by check?2024-07-01T10:00:38-07:00

If you would prefer to pay by check, please select “pay by check” and send to 27702 Crown Valley Parkway, D4#108, Ladera Ranch, CA 92964.

Can I get an invoice?2023-11-03T10:39:51-07:00

Yes. Click on “Pay by Check” and also select “email me an invoice for payment.”

Enabling invoice for payment via pay by check

Can I do an auto-renew payment?2023-11-03T10:40:36-07:00

Yes, simply select auto-renew. This is only possible with credit card payments and is limited to membership (not sponsorship).

What does the membership period cover?2024-04-12T11:51:18-07:00

CCMF’s fiscal year runs July 1 – June 30, however your membership includes a 3-month grace period. Payments received after the annual dinner in February will be applied to the current AND next fiscal year allowing members to enjoy an extended membership period.

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