The Wes McClure Scholarship

$1,500 scholarship available for a graduate student
attending a California public or private university
who is interested in pursuing a career in local government.

Each April, CCMF offers at least one (1) scholarship in the amount of $1,500 to a graduate student interested in pursuing (or already working in) a career in local government. Eligibility includes those currently in graduate school or who have been accepted into a graduate program for the Fall semester. Successful applicants will be attending (or graduating from) a public or private university or college in California and interested in pursuing a career in (or be actively working in) local government.

Wes McClure, for whom the annual scholarship was named, worked as City Manager of San Leandro for 28 years. He passed away at the age of 94 on December 20, 2009. Wes had many outstanding attributes, including an unparalleled ability to listen. His patience and skill in this regard contributed enormously to his successful career working with city councils and impacted CCMF directly during the formation of the foundation, in which Wes played an integral part. This award was created in honor of Wes’s outstanding and significant contributions to the City Manager’s Department, League of California Cities, the State of California and the City Management profession.

Tap/click here to download an informational flyer to share with your local college/university

Applicants need not be committed to a specific area of academic study to qualify–the Wes McClure Scholarship will be awarded to the person who best demonstrates an interest in a career in local government. The $1,500 scholarship will be limited to direct college expenses, such as tuition and books and may be paid to the recipient directly or to the educational institution, at CCMF’s sole discretion.

Applications include a cover letter and a short essay. CCMF will update this page in Spring 2018 with information about how to apply for the 2018 Wes McClure Scholarship.

Past winners:


Scarlett Santos Leon – Cal Poly Pomona


Will Provost – USC – Wes McClure Scholarship winner
Natalie Hernandez – USC – Mark Curran Scholarship winner


Connie Huynh – Stanford


Anna Guiles
Miranda Lutzow


Sasha Geschwind
Nico De Anda-Scaia
Louie F. Lacasella


Jason Constantouros
Joshua Soliz


Sara Russo
Chelsea Wood

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