CCMF is pleased to announce the winners of its annual Wes McClure Scholarship competition: Christian Beltran of USC Sol Price School and Kelsey Alter of California Lutheran University.


Christian Beltran

2018 Wes McClure Scholarship recipient Christian Beltran

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Kelsey Alter

2018 Wes McClure Scholarship recipient Kelsey Alter


Christian earned a dual undergraduate degree in Political Science and Economics after interning with the City of Los Angeles in the office of the City Administrative Officer. He is currently working as a Senate Fellow for the office of Senator Steven Glazer under the Capital Fellows Program, and will be pursuing a Master’s degree in Public Administration from USC Sol Price School in the Fall. A career with a local municipality as a city manager is his long-term goal. Click/tap here to view Christian’s scholarship application.

Through my internship with the City of Los Angeles, I gained valuable insight into the political and financial dynamics of local infrastructure projects and public policy. With a variety of career choices offering opportunities to make an impact, a career as a city manager is my ideal long-term career route. Earning a Master in Public Administration will provide me with a unique opportunity to study the areas of interests that are important to my professional development.

Kelsey recently completed her Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science with a minor in Communications from California Lutheran University, with recognition for Cum Laude honors and Departmental Distinction. She is pursuing a Master of Public Policy and Administration degree at the same university, with a 4.0 GPA to-date. Her ultimate ambition is to be a manager or City Manager if she pursues her doctoral degree. Click/tap here to view Kelsey’s scholarship application.

My experience thus far as a public administrator has been exceedingly fulfilling. I discovered my passion in local government through my internships in the Environmental Services Division and the City Manager’s Office at the City of Santa Clarita. Learning in the public sector is continuous, thus I am thrilled to pursue my ultimate purpose as a public administrator for a local municipality.

Wes McClure, for whom the CCMF scholarship was named, served as City Manager of San Leandro for 28 years. He passed away at the age of 94 on December 20, 2009. Wes had many outstanding attributes, including an unparalleled ability to listen. His patience and skill in this regard contributed enormously to his successful career working with city councils and impacted CCMF directly during the formation of the foundation, in which Wes played an integral part. The award was created in honor of Wes’s outstanding and significant contributions to the City Managers’ Department, League of California Cities, the State of California, and the city management profession.

“This was the largest applicant pool we have seen in years,” said Fran Mancia, Chair of the CCMF Scholarship Committee. “Christian and Kelsey represent the core values and high ethical standards that are the foundation of this scholarship. Their passion for public policy and the drive to better their communities ensures that both will have stellar local government careers. We look forward to witnessing their future endeavors.”

From all of us here at CCMF, congratulations to Christian and Kelsey! We look forward to you both joining the ranks of CCMF membership one day.