New and Future City Managers Seminar

Wade McKinney 2016 NFCM Seminar

Former CCMF President Wade McKinney addressing 2016 New & Future City Managers Seminar attendees

The city management profession is a challenging mix of fiscal management, politics, legal issues, and public relations (to name a few). The California City Management Foundation is dedicated to supporting the next generation of city managers in navigating these challenges. Our largest effort is the annual New & Future City Managers Seminar.

The NFCM Seminar is a longstanding annual workshop hosted by the California City Management Foundation, geared toward helping new City Managers and those on track to become City Managers in the future. In this intensive multi-day workshop, senior city managers share a wide range of keen insights and legendary stories that help guide and inform participants’ career choices. This event is a rare opportunity for new and soon-to-be City Managers to trade ideas and receive mentoring from seasoned veterans. We look forward to it all year.

The group is limited to 25 participants who spend nearly all of their time together in close discussions, eating meals together, and staying at the same hotel. Group discussions are led by long-tenured City Managers who act as facilitators.

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Kurt Wilson

“As a new City Manager, the New & Future City Managers Seminar was the most valuable training I attended. It gave me the opportunity to talk shop with people who understood my new role, and the insights from experienced City Managers really got my career off to the right start. I highly recommend NFCM for anyone serious about making an investment in this one-of-a-kind career!”Kurt Wilson, Former City Manager of Stockton and a 2010 NFCM Seminar participant

Jim Lewis

“Before considering taking the step to City Manager, the New & Future City Managers Seminar is a MUST! It taught me a number of valuable lessons and also identified some key blind spots I had not considered before. That weekend literally connected me to my first Assistant City Manager job and gave me the confidence to know I had what it took to be a City Manager.”Jim Lewis, City Manager of Pismo Beach and a 2004 NFCM Seminar participant