Each year, the California City Management Foundation presents two awards during the League of California Cities City Managers Conference. In 2020, CCMF honored Sean McGlynn as the City Manager of the Year and Cerrell as the Corporate Sponsor of the Year.

CCMF President Ken Striplin awarded the annual honors to McGlynn and Cerrell during the conference’s general luncheon on Thursday, February 6.

The City Manager of the Year Award goes to a city manager who has gone beyond the call of duty to lead and serve their community. This year’s recipient, Santa Rosa City Manager Sean McGlynn, showed immense leadership throughout one of the deadliest wildfires in California history. As he continues to run the day-to-day operations in Santa Rosa, McGlynn has worked to address the social, economic and emotional toll in the wake of over 3,000 homes being destroyed and over $1 billion in damages. Despite these demands on his time and energy, McGlynn has offered his advice and support to fellow City Managers dealing with similar disasters.

The Corporate Sponsor of the Year Award highlights a partner that has been particularly helpful to CCMF members over the past year. Cerrell, one of the nation’s most respected and successful public affairs and public relations firms, won this year’s award due to the firm’s deep knowledge of politics and public policy, creativity and integrity.

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Ken Striplin with Sean McGlynn and Reva Feldman

Santa Rosa City Manager Sean McGlynn accepts the 2020 CCMF City Manager of the Year Award at the Awards Luncheon at the 2020 League of CA Cities City Managers Conference. Left to right: Santa Clarita City Manager and CCMF President Ken Striplin; Sean McGlynn; Malibu City Manager and League City Managers’ Department President Reva Feldman.

Santa Rosa City Manager Sean McGlynn

City Manager Award
Sean McGlynn, City Manager of Santa Rosa

Cerrell Marc Mitchell

Corporate Sponsor Award
Marc Mitchell, Cerrell Associates