In conjunction with the 2015 League’s City Managers Department conference in San Francisco, CCMF and Cal-ICMA partnered to conduct an “Encore Opportunities” workshop for senior managers now considering a transition into their next life phase. The workshop attracted 45 local government managers who explored their hopes and dreams for a fulfilling encore as well as specific opportunities in consulting, teaching, interim management, and non-profit work.

The workshop featured a presentation by Craig Rapp entitled “Discovering Your Passions/Giving Away Your Gifts” followed by a panel of encore managers and then four break-out sessions on specific opportunities.

At the workshop, Cal-ICMA released three “how-to” papers. The papers are aimed at assisting local government managers who are retiring from full-time careers and wish to explore encore careers.

The three papers include:

  1. “So, You Want To Be an Interim Manager?”
  2. “So, You Want To Be a Consultant?”
  3. “So, You Want To Be a University Professor?”

All three papers were written with input from a variety of encore managers who shared lessons learned from their experiences.

The papers are now posted on the Cal-ICMA website. To access the papers, go to, click on “Senior Manager/Encore Manager Program” and then “Resources.”

On the same webpage, the Cal-ICMA Encore Committee offers other resources for members approaching their next life phase. These resources consist of:

  • A full resource list of helpful books, articles and websites
  • “Different Journey” stories written by encore managers who offer tips for one’s next life phase
  • Profiles of peer coaches who volunteer to advise those transitioning into their encores

For more information on the encore resources, contact:
Kevin O’Rourke
Mike Garvey
Frank Benest