Each year, the California City Management Foundation (CCMF) presents two awards during the League of California Cities City Managers Conference:

  1. The “City Manager of the Year” Award goes to a city manager who has gone beyond the call of duty to lead and serve their community.
  2. The “Corporate Sponsor of the Year” Award highlights a partner that has been particularly helpful to CCMF members.

CCMF President Ken Striplin announced this year’s winners at the 2021 City Managers Conference on Friday, February 5.

2021 City Manager of the Year

Under normal circumstances, the City Manager of the Year goes to an individual who has surpassed all expectations and tirelessly dedicated their time and energy to their city. However, the pandemic has posed unique challenges to every city manager throughout the state.

CCMF’s mission is to promote and encourage “excellence” in city management in all of California’s 480-plus incorporated cities and towns. Over the past year, every person who bears the responsibility of managing their city has demonstrated the true meaning of “excellence in city management.” This year, we are honoring all of California’s city managers for taking responsibility for their communities and going above and beyond the call of duty.

Being a city manager is often a thankless job—especially when one has to make unpopular decisions that affect a city’s staff and residents. City managers have sacrificed their time, health and even sanity to ensure their cities continued to run smoothly. We could not have singled out just one person to honor this year.

Thank you to all California City Managers for your leadership.

2021 Corporate Sponsor of the Year

The CCMF Corporate Sponsor of the Year Award highlights a CCMF partner that has been particularly helpful to our members over the past year. CCMF’s events, resources and services would not be possible without the support of partners like this year’s winner: Tripepi Smith.

Tripepi Smith is one of the most respected names in California local government communications and public affairs. They have stepped up to help our cities communicate essential information about the COVID-19 pandemic over the past year, finding innovative and creative ways to reach out to our residents.

Tripepi Smith has also been a valuable communication partner for CCMF. For nearly two decades, this firm has managed our communications to help keep CCMF members informed about available resources and opportunities to connect.

Congratulations and thank you to all of our 2021 CCMF Award winners!