Each year, the California City Management Foundation (CCMF) presents two awards during the League of California Cities City Managers Conference:

  1. The “City Manager of the Year” Award highlights city managers who have gone beyond the call of duty to lead and serve their community. 
  2. The “Corporate Sponsor of the Year” Award goes to a partner that has been particularly helpful to CCMF members. 

CCMF President Ken Striplin announced this year’s winners at the 2024 City Managers Conference in Hollywood. The awards were presented during the CCMF Annual Member Appreciation Dinner on Thursday, February 8. 

2024 City Manager of the Year – Karen Pinkos

CCMF gives its “City Manager of the Year” Award to city managers who provide exemplary leadership while delivering on important initiatives to benefit their community. This year, the award rightfully goes to a dedicated city manager who consistently prioritizes the well-being of her city. She serves as a remarkable example of female leadership in government and has exhibited unwavering dedication to her city since 2018. With over 25 years of experience in her field, she has held esteemed positions such as the President of ICMA in 2019 and currently serves as the President of the League of California Cities City Manager’s Department, while also being a valued member of our board of trustees. Despite the weight of her responsibilities as a city manager, she generously shares her expertise by participating in panels and supporting fellow city managers in their professional endeavors. This year, CCMF is honoring the City Manager of El Cerrito, Karen Pinkos!

 2024 Corporate Sponsor of the Year – Raymond James

The CCMF Corporate Sponsor of the Year Award goes to a CCMF partner that has been particularly helpful to our members over the past year. CCMF’s events, resources and services would not be possible without the support of partners like this year’s winner: Raymond James

Raymond James stands as a leading financial advisory firm, offering cutting-edge solutions tailored to address cities’ intricate financial requirements. Their team of experts extends its services through a network of around 8,700 financial advisors spanning the United States, Canada and overseas. The firm caters to corporations, institutions, and municipalities, providing comprehensive capital markets, banking and asset management services. CCMF values this partnership, as Raymond James continuously shows their dedication to the City management community.

Congratulations and thank you to our 2024 CCMF Award winners!