CCMF Executive Director Ken Pulskamp is scheduled to speak next Wednesday in SAn Francisco on a panel titled “CITY MANAGERS TAKING ABUSE: HOW MUCH AGGRESSION IS ACCEPTABLE?”

The panel, to be moderated by long-time CCMF supporter Dr. William Mathis, will also include CCMF members Kathy Millison (Retired City Manager of Santa Rosa, CA), and Allen Parker (City Manager of San Bernardino, CA).

The discussion will focus on recent events in which City Managers have become targets of council members, public citizens, or activist groups. Should the city manager take offense, simply use surrogates, or ignore the bullying behavior? The panel will explore the dynamics and psychology for decision-making, the personal attack on integrity, motives, competency and skills of community leaders.

The panel is being hosted, on January 28th from 3:30-5:00pm, by the League of California Cities, as one of the first events of their 2015 City Managers Department Meeting. Interested parties are encouraged to visit the LOCC website for more information.