The Manager in Transition Guidebook, a comprehensive resource designed for CCMF members, has a refreshed look and updated content. City managers who are entering a new role, going through involuntary separation or preparing for retirement can turn to this resource for a wealth of advice from those who’ve walked in their footsteps.

Manager in Transition Guide - new member resourceOriginally published in 2012, the Manager in Transition guidebook includes in-depth advice for all stages of a career in city management. The guidebook includes an article entitled “100 Things to Do in Your First 100 Days as City Manager,” which covers the initial steps to establish a successful leadership tenure in a new city. Additionally, the guide offers practical tips and guidance for navigating severance, searching for a new position or planning for retirement.

The 2020 update includes a visual redesign, updates to the list of recruiting and legal contacts and a new introductory section detailing the scope and contents of the guidebook.

City managers transition jobs more frequently than the average professional, and CCMF is committed to supporting city managers through these periods of change. Members have a variety of resources at their disposal. In addition to accessing the Manager in Transition guidebook at any time, members can:

Contact CCMF and let us know how else we can support you during your city manager transition.