The California City Management Foundation would like to congratulate its President – Wade McKinney – on his upcoming retirement in early 2019 as City Manager of Indian Wells!

Nearly four decades ago, Wade started his career as a city planner but quickly moved up to be city manager at age 27 for the City of Shafter. He joined the Indian Wells team in the summer of 2013, having moved to be closer to his grandkids in Corona. Read more about Wade’s long and outstanding career here.

Wade’s expertise and dedication have helped many city managers grow and thrive throughout the years. Moreover, his guidance has helped shape CCMF as a resource for the city management profession. We are thankful for all that he has accomplished during his tenure. The CCMF Board of Trustees will be discussing succession planning for the roles of President and Vice President.

From all of us here at CCMF: thank you and congratulations, Wade!