For over 30 years, CCMF’s mission has been to promote and encourage excellence in city management in all of California’s 480+ incorporated cities and towns. We accomplish this by working with our members to define desired resources and recommendations for improvement. Grounded by these thoughts, the CCMF Board of Trustees has created an action plan for the next few program years.

CCMF’s 2018-2020 Strategic Plan is focused on providing more cohesive support and accessible opportunities for both new and established members.

  1. Sharing Our Expertise: CCMF is supported by amazing talent with years of experience in local government leadership. CCMF will promote its thought leadership on issues and challenges related to the City Manager community by focusing on publishing pieces to well-read local government publications.
  2. Improving the Peer Network: One of CCMF’s defining characteristics is our extensive peer network. To continue building on these relationships at every level, we will host more area group lunches and make an effort for each Board Member to attend more local events. Additionally, the Board will reach out to non-members in their regional area, inviting them to join our numbers.
  3. Strengthening New Talent: The transition into the city management profession or into a new city can be tough. CCMF wants to better assist new City Managers and Managers in Transition by personally reaching out during this tumultuous time and offering support to those who need it.
  4. Investing in the League CM Department Meeting: Each year during the League of California Cities City Manager Department Meeting, the state’s city management community gathers in a prime opportunity to learn with (and from) their peers. CCMF will be taking steps to secure a high-quality conference keynote speaker to share leading-edge techniques and/or inspire relevant discussions throughout the profession.
  5. Increasing Scholarship Opportunities: CCMF recognizes that there are a growing number of professional development opportunities for the city management community. Attending the annual League City Managers Department Meeting or programs such as the Local Governance Summer Institute at Stanford could have a large impact on overall leadership skills and best practice knowledge. CCMF is committed to offering more scholarship opportunities to help current and future City Managers grow their capabilities.

The CCMF Board has dedicated itself to making greater investments in the city management community. We look forward to implementing this action plan and seeing its positive results. Stay tuned to the CCMF website and emails for additional details about each of these benefits.