Infographic of woman icon and 40 percent textBased on a 2013 nationwide survey performed by the International City/County Management Association (ICMA) Task Force on Women in the Profession, “only 13 percent of all chief administrative officer (CAO) positions are filled by women.” In 2015, CCMF published a Member Resource titled “Women In Leadership: The #13Percent Movement.” The resource posed a challenge to the city management community: What steps can we collectively take to give women better chances to become the chief administrators of their cities?

In 2019, CCMF collated data from the League of California Cities and Women Leading Government to create a list of known city leaders in California and identify the number of females who filled the role of “City Manager” or equivalent.

Download the latest Member Resource to learn about the progress of women in the city management profession, as well as suggestions on what male city managers can do to foster equal opportunity for advancement in the workplace. (This resource is available to the public; no sign-in required).