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Working With Recruiters

Working With Recruiters: How to Land a City Manager Position

This Member Resource compiles a variety of best practices, insights and advice from multiple firms specializing in recruiting local government leaders.


Cities often use recruiters with local government sourcing experience to help with their city manager search, for multiple reasons:

  1. Recruiters may be able to better summarize the responsibilities and desired qualities of a city manager candidate;
  2. Recruiters may be able to help create aesthetically pleasing brochures to catch attention and increase the applicant pool;
  3. Recruiters know the right kinds of questions to ask during the screening process, increasing the quality of candidates who reach the final interview stage;
  4. Recruiters may already know of candidates or have recommendations;
  5. A city may be able to incentivize a recruiter to stick to a tight time schedule.

Knowing how the recruiter process works could be the key to getting your foot in the door with the city of your choice.